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Awacha: Kona by Adakii Awacha: Kona by Adakii
For the group :iconawacha:


Age: 20
Gender: Female
Height: 16.4 cm
Element Power: Air
Species: Bird Anthro
-Must understand everything
-Warm hearted
-Doesn't really like to be mean
-Must see things through to the end
-Does over react to situations occasionally

Number Code:146395

:bulletblue:Zephyrus Talons (LVL 1): High pressured winds surround the talons (on the hands or feet). The attack can either remain on the talons or be launched as blades with a swipe.
:bulletblue:Mach Cyclone (LVL1): High pressured wind begins to rotate around the body, creating a high pressure cyclone around her as she rushes toward the target. The attack is followed by a shockwave of air.
:bulletblue:Atmospheric Pressure (LVL0): The atmospheric pressure in the battle area is dropped to extreme levels for a short period. (Those within the battle area will be find it difficult to breathe, in some cases they may suffer from Hypoxia/ altitude sickness) Air attacks (including the user's) and attacks that need air to function (I.E. Fire, plant, sound etc.) are weakened during this period.
:bulletblue:Hurricane Shuriken (LVL0): Creates an area of high speed rotating low pressure within the hand that creates hurricane shuriken.

Final Attack:
:bulletblue:Cardinal Twisters: The target is attacked by 4 powerful high speed twisters from the north, south, east, and west. The twisters merge and create one large super cell twister around the target.

Inner Ability:
:bulletblue:Gale Guard: Activated when health dips below 30%. If attacked by a ranged attack the winds around her body begin to rotate which have a slight chance of deflecting the attack. Chances of defection are determined by the weight/size and power of the attack. The lighter the attack the greater the chance of being deflected, the heavier the lesser the chance of deflection. The level of power is also factored in. Ground and rock elements are unaffected by this ability, as well as any close combat attack.

Extra Info:
-Her body is built for shifts in air pressure allowing her to go to high altitudes without many issues.
-Since her body is sensitive to pressure shifts she can actually detect natural shifts in air pressure. This allows her to make short term weather predictions.
-Before she came to awacha she was a college student studying meteorology.
-While she isn't the easiest target to hit she actually has a very weak defense. It doesn't take much to do a lot of damage.


I wasn't expecting this group to open so fast. During finals weeks no less(can't wait for break already, been busy nonstop since midterms)
I've had Kona created for awhile now, since I caught wind of the group last month. It seems like fun though, I do enjoy the concept... I just hope I get in -_- So many awesome characters I feel so insignificant
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AzureBlaxis Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2011   General Artist
now that's one pretty character <3
Adakii Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011   Digital Artist
Thanks =D
Kona would probably disagree though. She isn't the happiest about being a bird lol.
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xxZephyl Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
and her attacks asdfgha'sdfsdfg;
i love her design~

would you like to rp? ;u;
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Dusklightning Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2011
Another potential competition air element awacha character. ^_^'
Looks like our characters have a few similarities. :shifty:

Anyway, your talons / tail feathers / wings are so epic. ;_; :heart:
and I love the way you incorporated the natural workings of high and low pressure so creatively into your attacks. 8D

Yours is one the awesome characters, so no need to go feeling all insignificant ;P (you may leave that to me XD :iconorzplz:)
Adakii Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2011   Digital Artist
Heheh, thank you.
Your Aura's creator, tis a pleasure.=D

Believe it or not our characters had a lot more similarities before. Seriously, I had to rethink a lot about her when your app popped up, their attack roosters were nearly identical (I was even contemplating giving her goggles):XD: The only two moves I kept were zephyrus talons and hurricane shuriken (which was the original final move lol)Your Eye of the Storm move is brilliant btw, I was blown away with that idea.

Did some research on wind and weather after that and came up with the concept of her having wind pressure control. So I'm glad you like it.

Much thanks for the confidence booster. :heart: And don't worry about your character I assure you her design is very cute;)
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December 2, 2011
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